Places to see on Inisheer

Áras Éanna

The Áras Éanna is an Arts & Heritage Centre. The centre contains a 75 seater theatre/cinema, two art galleries, a cafe, and is housed in a renovated weaving factory. The centre offers various workshops and concerts. Tickets to these events usually sell out fast so be sure to be on top of the line-ups! Visit

The Plassy Shipwreck
This ship is made famous in the opening credits of The BBC Series, “Father Ted”. The freighter was washed ashore in 1960.

O Brien’s Castle
15th century castle built on top of the high point of the island within a cashel (Dún Formna). Superb views!

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Inis Oírr FAQ

Teampall Chaomhain
10th century church located within the graveyard. St. Caomhan is the patron of Inisheer.

Cill Ghobnait
Small 9th century church.

Tobar Einne
The holy well of St. Enda, Patron of Aran.

Cnoc Raithni
Bronze age tumulus (mould) dating from 2000B.C.

Inis Oírr Beach (An Trá)
Upon arriving at Inisheer you will be greeted by a pristine beach to your left. In the summer months, this spot resembles more the Carribean than Ireland! A definite favourite of ours.

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