Deirdre Ní Chinnéide is based at Sli Aonghusa, Inis Mór, Aran Islands, Co. Galway.

Deirdre is trained as a psychotherapist and has practiced in Ireland and Kosovo. She is also Ireland’s leading singer who is reshaping the genre that has captivated millions, focusing on chants and meditations in music. says that “Deirdre offers her music as an expression of a spiritual practice, that explores the healing potential of sound with particular connection to the spirit and shadow of Celtic consciousness.” She draws on the inspiration of Celtic spirituality and runs workshops on the islands involving music and poetry. This type of activity is fantastic for anybody interested in getting away and trying a totally different experience.

Deirdre’s work is heavily influenced by Celtic Mythology and offers incredible retreats for those interested in getting away from a busy schedule and focusing on the body and mind. The Spiritual Hostel on Inis Mór, Sli Aonghusa is a wonderful getaway and is loved by locals and tourists alike. (In Celtic Mythology, Aonghus was the God of love.) Positioned in a remote and beautiful area, it is impossible not to feel relaxed and completed refreshed.

“Our retreats offer mindfully constructed processes, a container if you will, to settle into the Island and begin to listen with ears of your heart.” Visit for more information on the wonderful retreat opportunities at the Aran Islands. Deirdre invites you to stay in the hostel for the reasonable price of 35 euro per night including a continental breakfast. Some of the recent visitors have enjoyed resting, writing, praying, painting or just walking and exploring the beautiful island of Inis Mór.

Deirdre can be contacted by email if you would any like further information.