Gabriel Faherty is a local entrepreneur from Inis Mór, the largest of the Aran Islands off the coast of Galway.

His cheese business ‘Cais Gabhair Arainn’ took off just last spring, 25th of April 2013 and he has already made a great name for himself around the locals and tourists alike. You might recognise him from the hit tv series ‘Bliain in Inis Mór’ which was shown on TG4 last February.

Gabriel is famous for his delicious gouda, feta, boilies and mature goats cheese and along with his day job and family juggling, his life has just got a whole lot more hectic with the arrival of his fourth child. His beautiful nubian and saanen goats graze on the unique pastures of the Aran Island. The climate is perfect for the grass herbs as the island is served by the Gulf Stream. The unique diet of the goats gives the cheese its unique, delicious flavour.

Extreme determination was needed to get his business off the ground, especially when located on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. However, Gabriel’s business is in full force, milking his own herd of goats and exporting to the mainland. Gabriel’s fresh goats cheese balls sprinkled with sea lettuce is deliciously soft and fresh and he can he found at various food fares around the country.

Gabriel can be contacted via email at

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